Sunday, January 15, 2017

What a Girl!

Saturday, January 14, 2017

College Set

The school trip to another planet was the greatest excitement Scott ever had. The best part is so many worlds, including Simptuc Prime, encourage men to reveal their feminine side while visiting. The professor encouraged the boys to wear a matching bra and panty on Simptuc. The girls started calling the clothes the boys wore the “college set”.

The trip was awesome. Scott spent an entire month as Tori. The girl clothes started to feel normal within a few days. By the end of the class trip Tori felt melancholy over going back to her old life as Scott. TG worlds like Simptic Prime understand how boys feel after a visit to their world. They have a perfect solution. And it is included free when you visit their world!

Tori is a real girl now; no more playacting cosplay stuff. The transformation was real.  The adjustment went easy. It felt so natural to Tori. Deep down she knew she was always a girl; it just took the right circumstances to drown Scott and reveal Tori. She now looked forward to her graduation party. She had the cutest dress already picked out.

Friday, January 13, 2017

The Bastard Son is Now a Girl

Aaron was the bastard son of a man his mother can’t, or refuses, to remember. Mom never had any more children. Aaron struggled as his mom forced him to reach for a powerful career. It just wasn’t in his blood. But mom had a powerful influence on Aaron. She felt her son would be so much greater if he were a girl. Aaron was reluctant.

But mom was persistent. She knew if her son were an attractive young female the world would crawl at her feet. Aaron was not an attractive man, but that did not mean the doctors could turn him into an awesomely beautiful girl.

Enter TG Inc. and all their gender transformations technologies. All it took was one simple autumn afternoon to give Aaron the confidence he needed to rise in the ranks of business (and some nice tits and ass). Now Miranda worked at the company Aaron once did. Three years was all it took for Miranda to own the place. I’m sure it had nothing to do with that face.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

No 1 Cares

After the trauma wore off Scott tried to tell anyone who would listen. He had a tall tale of alien abduction and experimentation. It was all too much to believe. Nobody believed the hysterical woman. They named her Jane Doe until they could learn more about her.

The doctors felt it would be best if she remained hospitalized until she settled down. Interns made Jane the laughing stock of the mental ward. The only clothes she had to wear were what was given her by the hospital. The shirt said it all. Nobody believed her story.

Jane tried using logic. She gave details about Scott’s life and told the doctors he was missing. Yes, there was a missing man in the area, but police believed he was lost in the heavily wooded area and was probably dead, never to be found. Jane had to make a decision. If she were to ever have a normal life again she would have to accept what happened to her and play along with the doctors. It was not hard. Surprisingly she adjusted to the feminine lifestyle well.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Now What?

Brad always wanted to travel to Selban III, a planet near the fringe of inhabited space. Selban is known for its exotic vistas and deep azure sky. There were a few risks traveling to Selban, however. The planet is in a known pathway of vortex bubbles in the region. The low population of the planet means there are few shelters when vortexes show up unannounced.

Brad booked passage anyway; it was his dream vacation. He stayed in the city the first few days where more shelters were available. The great news was Selban was in a lull; it had been weeks since a vortex hit the planet. He planned a day at the natural history museum to get ideas of what to visit on the planet. As he walked up the stairs he was hit by a vortex bubble. It was a small bubble as far as vortexes go, but big enough to wipe out Brad’s manhood.

Brad sat on the stairs of the museum and took a deep breath. He had a plan if such an event took place. He would change his name to Marie and go ahead and enjoy his vacation anyway. The neat thing is over 80% of the people on the planet are female. Accidents happen even to the local. Marie fit right in.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Civilized Kidnapping