Sunday, April 9, 2017

A Good Decision

Disease struck Majipoor Mining Colony killing most of the women. By the time a cure was discovered the male population was all that remained. Mining life is hard, but without women to help the men relieve stress it is unbearable.

A call went out to repopulate the colony. Women were offered free passage, deluxe accommodations and a massive signing bonus if they volunteered for a 10 year term on Majipoor. The women were promised good treatment. Unless desired, the volunteer would only pleasure one man.

There are not enough women to satisfy the needs galaxywide. TG Incorporated has a program to help fill that need. Melvin saw the ad explaining the situation and what he could do. He decided he needed a good paying job requiring no real work so he signed up. He underwent the hormone/surgery/nanobot treatment, received his bonus and booked travel to Majipoor.

Now as Sonya, Melvin engaged in intensive feminine training while en route. At first Melvin had his doubts he could do what his husband would ask, but before halfway to Majipoor Sonya knew she could do anything any woman could do.

Sonya expected a dirty planet. Majipoor Mining Colony was clean with all the modern comforts a girl could want. Her husband was a real gentleman and Sonya was eager to please him. Melvin considered himself very lucky to see the ad so many years ago. Sonya married her man and stayed the rest of her life and mothered three children. She would recommend her life choice to anyone.

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