Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Ghost in the Machine

Paul swore every word in the book when his car broke down in the middle of the night miles from anywhere. To make matters worse his cell phone has no reception. Now he will have to spend the rest of the night sleeping in his car and hope for a passing motorist in the morning.

Morning came early and the back road was deserted. Paul’s only choice was to walk until he found a home where he could call for help. Walking will be very hard however. Paul has a fetish for wearing women’s clothing when he travels. He does not have any guy’s clothing at all.

The hooker boots will keep his legs warm and the wig will keep his head warm on the chilly morning. The light jacket also will make a difference. Paul checked his color in the rearview mirror before deciding it will be kind of hot to walk down the road like a helpless, stranded woman.

He did not have to walk far. Only a mile down the road he found a small country motel. The place is well kept, but looks deserted. He checks the lobby and calls out for anyone. He tries to use his most feminine voice, but the girl voice came natural.

Paul needs to use the restroom and uses the ladies room. He pulls down his shorts and sits when he notices something is not right. He uses his hand to tuck it down when he realizes there is nothing to tuck down. His hand slips down over a wet slit. He screams. The sound is a perfect girl scream and Paul was not even trying to sound like a girl. He finishes his job, washes his hand and races out of the restroom.

A young woman now stands at the register. She smiles at Paul as he walks to her. Paul stumbles out words that made no sense. He keeps asking the desk clerk what happened here, where am I, and other such crazy questions. The clerk smiles and points to a name in the register.  Cecilia. I am not Cecelia, Paul complains. Oh, yes you are the clerk smiles as she evaporates into thin air.

Paul’s cell phone beeps as reception returns. He calls for help. The police come with the mechanic. Paul protests to the officer. He pulls out his driver’s license. It has the picture of a woman; him dressed as a woman and the name Cecelia. Paul lost it. He starts screaming about a ghost giving him a sex change. The kind officer calls for an ambulance. Paul, I mean Cecelia, is taken to the mental hospital where she learns to act like a proper girl before release back into the public.

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