Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Any Job Will Do

Eric was desperate for a job. A bad economy and criminal conviction years ago made it impossible to land a job of any kind. He’d shovel manure if it paid at least minimum wage. When he saw the ad for a modeling job he was intrigued. Of course, he had no chance of getting the job, but he knew most people considered him a good-looking young man.

With nothing to lose Eric applied at the agency. After a quick background check, Eric was told he was perfect for the job. The job came just in time as his rent was late and eviction is certain if he doesn’t get a paycheck fast. Rather than be homeless he took the job, even with the unusual requirements.

Eric stepped into the transformation chamber. When he stepped out he couldn't believe how beautiful he looked. His new name for the modeling gigs is Erin. He was a natural. The fashion designers couldn’t get enough of Erin. One day Eric asked if he could be changed back to his old body when he went home to visit family. He was shown the fine print: ALL TRANSFORMATIONS ARE PERMANENT.


  1. Hi!
    I love your captions, I've been reading them since the end of 2014 and still check back most days to read the new stuff ^_^
    I'm slowly getting my own blog going: (
    and i was wondering if you could add me to your "my blog list" (obviously i'd do the same).
    If not, have you got any advice on how to grow a tg caption blog?
    many thanks,
    Carla Hansen

  2. Yeah, I know, Carla. Not as much "new" stuff lately. Work calls. You understand. I also am glad to add you to my list. Haven't updated in a long while. BTW, that is about the best way to get TG blog traffic.

  3. Totally get u with the work issue. Writing captions takes alot longer than most think :)
    Thanks for the link, of course I've added you back. Thanks for the tip too, re-assures me that sending this message was a good idea ^_^

  4. Kay
    another great cap. how about time to do another on me? you know, ditch the dick so my panties will fit and wow do I have a collection of panties! Zoe