Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Difficult Adjustment

Allison was having a hard time adjusting to his new reality. Three weeks ago Al was accidentally shot with a girly light by visiting aliens. It really was an accident. The group of aliens was touring Earth enjoying the sites. The crowds were disorienting to the aliens as their cultural norms provide for more personal space. They also carried girly light guns as they are allowed to do.

While moving through a market someone got too close and rubbed against an alien discharging the girly light. The angle was just right that it hit Al. In a flash everything Al knew was upside down; he was a girl.

To make it easy he started using the name Allison. He adjusted pretty well with a few peculiar exceptions. The clothes were fun to wear since girls get to wear more variety and prettier clothing. The toilet was the difficult part. Allison felt weird using the women’s restroom. Yes, he sat when going number 1, but he preferred to stand.

Without thinking he used the men’s restroom at the mall. When men entered he started laughing at what they must be thinking. The guys did not care; they think Allison is cool. When Allison finished she washed her hands and prepared to leave when she was asked out on a date. How could she refuse such an offer? Who knows what the future will hold? But I smell a wedding in the near future.

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