Saturday, April 8, 2017

Sherlock Holmes Meets TG Inc.

Amanda is known as the Sherlock Holmes of Antares V. Her skills at uncovering the truth in court proceedings are second to none. And it all started with a chance encounter.

Four years ago Brian was the best investigator in the department. His intuition was better than the mythical woman’s intuition. His skills helped solve more cases than any other investigator. But the long hours were taking their toll; Brian was burning out.

One day while researching in the Grand Master’s library he met a woman named Peach. She was recruiting for the Justice Department of Antares V. The pay was better and the hours shorter. Brian jumped at the opportunity when he was informed of the one requirement: he needed to be a woman. Of course, in a galaxy with TG Inc. it was a simple procedure, but he had to think about it… for three minutes.

Amanda thinks about her life when she was Brian periodically. She has concluded it was the best chance encounter of her life to meet Peach. Amanda gets to do what she loves most—research cases—and has time to enjoy life. Being a girl had unexpected surprises too. The extra attention girls get from the guys boosted Amanda’s ego. She spends her free time satisfying her boyfriend now. Can you imagine what the retirement package must be like?

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  1. Great work kay my friend. Ms holmes i presume? The worlds greatest detective.