Thursday, April 6, 2017

A New Slit

Manfred knew he was born in the wrong body. Lucky guy that he is, he has a sister that would never deny her brother. Manfred wanted more than just a female body; he wanted to be his twin sister. His sister hugged him. It was so sweet Manfred wanted to be exactly like her. At TG Inc. they programmed the nanobots for the hot tub. They stepped in together. Manfred smiled as he stared at his sister the entire time. Once the nanobots were done Manfred stepped out of the hot tub as Olivia. It felt good to have her sister look at her like an equal. Olivia reached down and ran her hand over her new slit; it felt so right. Olivia put on the clothes her sister brought. He took a selfie and held her sister’s hand as they walked out into a new life together.