Saturday, April 15, 2017

Read All about It

Ken enjoyed reading. A promotion at work sent him to a far off planet: Endigo II. The decision to take the job was easy as the pay was very high. Five years working on Endigo and he could retire if he choose. There were only two problems: only women are allowed to hold jobs on Endigo and Endigo has no written language and the number of books you can bring is limited.

Ken could handle the limitations on books since he was allowed a reasonable number. The gender issue took more time to get his arms around. He had no desire to be a woman. Still, the job offer was too great to pass up. Ken set an appointment at the TG Incorporated office and walked out the perfect professional for Endigo II.

Once Ken transformed into Arianne the rest was easy. A short training course on proper lady-like behavior and job training prepared Ken for his trip to Endigo II. The job was even better than Ken imagined. As Arianne he was granted a large home as part of his pay package. Ken posed for this photo standing next to his books.

As an aside: when Ken finished his five year job contract he loved his work so much he remained on Endigo II. The cute young man he married had nothing to do with it, I’m sure.

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