Tuesday, April 25, 2017

In Memory of Alexis

In memory of Alexis, a friend who died a year ago. She wrote this caption for me. Not sure if it was ever published.


  1. I have the caption. I downloaded it in October 2014. Can you remind me of the name of Alexis' site? If she's who I'm thinking I recall her writing that she was having problems, and some time after that the posting stopped or her site disappeared. I don't recall which. I'm sorry to hear that she passed.

  2. Alexis died, but her blog is still up if you know where to find it. She gave me a lot of captions she asked me to use when I was having a hard time personally. Some were previously published and others she published after I did. Many used the same universe I write in. It was an honor. I think of her a lot. I miss our long emails talking about life, the universe and everything. Here is her blog address:

  3. Thank you for the URL. Sadly that is the site and lady I was thinking of.

  4. I only knew Alexis through the blog and captions, but it was a very sad day.
    Thanks for reminding everyone what a star she is.