Friday, April 28, 2017

How Tank Became Zoe the Panty Fiend

High school was a difficult time for Tank. He was a big boy and was the star linebacker of the football team. But Tank hid a secret from everyone.

College was worse as the feelings grew more intense. On a full scholarship, Tank had a bright future. Everybody who met the man loved him. But the feeling; the feelings.

Underneath the uniform Tank wore panties. Then he started to transition. As the nanobots made Tank more petite, he lost his position on the football team. Then the scholarship dried up.

Finally it was time to replace the last male part with an awesome female part. TG Inc. stepped in to foot the bill, hiring Zoe, Tank’s new name, after the procedure was done.

Zoe is a panty fiend now. She can’t get enough of panties. She always wears the cutest panty with a tight little bow. It was no surprise, really, considering what Tank wore under the uniform.


  1. Love it!!!! Worth giving up football to live the life of my dreams and have all the panties I want!!!!! Thanks Kay! Zoe

  2. ....and I love my panties!!!!