Monday, April 10, 2017

Nouveau Riche

A rustic home in the country was always a dream of Rory’s. It would never be more than a dream with the price on rustic rural homes. Then a chance meeting with a billionaire shareholder of TG Incorporated changed everything. It seems the billionaire had a fetish for a certain kind of woman, the kind of woman only Rory could be.

It did not take Rory long to accept the offer. The billionaire paid for the TG Inc. transformation into Erika. Erika would be the billionaire’s escort and live-in lover. Love has a way of moving things faster than anyone expected. Erika learned to love the billionaire and all his lovemaking as much as she loved the rural estate. The billionaire loved his sweet Erika so much he asked for her hand in marriage.

Now Erika is the talk of polite society. She is also the richest woman in the world with her husband thanks to the massive holdings in TG Inc. stock. It is hard at times to remember Erika was once a guy. Erika’s poise belays good breeding and old money. Let’s raise a glass to the nouveau riche.

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