Saturday, April 22, 2017

Forced to Wear Girl Clothes

The girls on the tour bus revolted against the guys, sick of their no-it-all attitude. Peter was the biggest offender of all. He knew everything about everything, just ask him. He was ruining the vacation. Finally the ladies had enough. They rose up and revolted against Peter.

The ladies demanded the driver stop the bus. Once the bus came to a halt, Peter was hauled out of the bus and stripped naked by the women. They forced him into a panty, bra, white blouse, skirt and high heel boots. Then they thrust a purse into his hand.

“Now walk, flyboy,” Acie demanded, a tall blonde woman with a beautiful face turned angry. Peter started walking. He stumbled as he adjusted to the heels and the brick sidewalk. “Keep walking, Betsy,” the ladies chided as the new name stuck. “Show us some grace!” Betsy, I mean Peter, oh hell, she looks like a Betsy to me, did her best to show charm in her walk.

Betsy started to feel feminine and quiet, like a prim and proper woman. Before long she had a perfect swing to her hips and when she talked it came out soft and demure. After two hours of walking up and down the street as a girl, they re-boarded the bus, Peter still dressed as Betsy. The ladies refused to let Peter return; only Betsy was allowed. Acie sat in the seat next to Betsy. She leaned over to Betsy and whispered in her ear, “We’re stopping at the next TG Inc. office. And you will do exactly what I say. Got it?” Betsy nodded as a mischievous grin started at the corner of her mouth.