Friday, September 30, 2016

Living Next Door to Alice

Thursday, September 29, 2016

New Sister is Home

Mom was sick and tired of Ben sitting around the house and getting into trouble. “Be like your sister, Megan,” mom would taunt. Ben could care less. Everybody expected him to be like Megan, to be like a girl. Puhhh!

Then the cops brought Ben home. You could have pealed mom off the ceiling. Megan silently mouthed to Ben, “You are in for it now.”

Mom dragged Ben’s sorry ass to the TG Inc. store recently opened. If Ben were a girl, mom figured, he would be a model child like Megan. Ben kicked and screamed all the way. He had a girlfriend. Three actually. One might be knocked up even.

It went faster than Ben ever imagined. Within a few hours the technicians at TG Inc. had his manhood in a Petri dish. Her new name was Debbie.

Debbie settled down fast and soon was just like Megan. They were close sisters. Except Megan wasn’t the model girl mom always thought she was. She was just better at hiding it. Megan kept putting Debbie in compromising position. Soon Debbie was proficient at missionary, doggie, and few other positions not yet named. It was good to have her new sister home, Megan thought.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

TG Shower

The first day of college is awesome at TG University. Upper classman enjoy hazing all the smartass freshman. Freshman Randy and Wyatt were forced to wear a camisole and panty and then forced to clean up in the Beholden Shower. The shower got its name because every time two guys are pushed in they end up holding each other before it is over.

Peggy and Roxanne stepped out of the shower that day. The fraternity had two fewer members while the sorority gained two. You would think a university run by TG Inc. would not have any guys attending. Not true. Affirmative action laws require TG University to accept male students. The freshman class starts half male/half female and ends the senior year with only a handful of males left in the student body.

Like Peggy and Roxanne, most guys end up the victim of hazing or a prank. Others have the TG mantra of the university grow on them until they make the switch. Then there are the accidents. Over two dozen guys have accidentally stepped into the same shower as Randy and Wyatt after a night of drinking. They have a wonderful surprise when the booze wears off. 

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Monday, September 26, 2016