Tuesday, September 20, 2016

What Are Friends For?

Spring break is different on Mystery Island. Terrance and his buddies had big plans for their time off. They ordered the full package from the tour company. Two weeks of all-inclusive fun. They guys were in for the time of their life.

The weather was perfect when they landed on Mystery Island. The tour bus had every amenity a person could think of: food, liquor, music, comfortable seats and an attractive and knowledgeable tour guide. What more could the guys ask for.

The tour guide had a mischievous grin as they stopped at the beach. “The water is warm, boys. Have fun.” The guys put on their swimming suits and enjoyed the surf. It happened so slow at first no one noticed as the day got away from them. By the time dinner was called the boys looked very different.

Terrance, in the middle, was the first to notice. As they stepped into shallower water they saw just how far the changes went. The tour guide, always so helpful, offered them bikinis in exchange for their swimming shorts. The boys were grateful.

As spring break neared its end the boys lined up on the fence for a group photo of the best vacation they ever had. “When do we get our bodies back?” Terrance asked. The tour guide smiled, “Don’t be silly. You get to keep the bodies as a gift of Mystery Island.” She handed them identification papers. Terrance examined his passport and saw his name is Betty now. He was good with that.

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