Thursday, September 22, 2016

Sissy Assignment 6

I’ve had a request to do another sissy assignment caption and I know why. Somebody hasn’t been following the rules and I am less than happy. How are you going to be a girl if you don’t do as I tell you? Nice girl that I am, I will help you so you better do exactly as I say.

We are going to go back to basics to build a solid foundation. For the next month you will only wear panties. I don’t care if you wife or girlfriend finds out. You wear them to work or school and at night too. That’s all you have to do the first week. Panties. Cute, girly panties. Each week I also want you to throw away half your supply of boy underwear. I don’t want you chickening out on me. The first week half the underwear goes; the next week half the remaining underwear goes, and so on.

At the start of week two I want you to start wearing breastforms. Really small ones at first. Wear them to the mall, work, school, wherever. You can go braless if you want or wear a pretty training bra. Wear a flannel shirt if you want to hide your sissy truth.

Week three I want you to wear pantyhose over the panty and wear no socks. Time to step up to a slightly larger breast form now. You must wear a bra now. Something bright colored would be nice. People might start wondering. Let them. You don’t wonder. You know what you are, sissy; a girl in training.

The last week of this exercise you will once again use a slightly larger breast form. You will wear a shirt where it is possible to notice you are wearing a bra and you will wear slacks where panty lines might show. On the last day you will go to the mall and shop for a pretty chemise. You will buy one that fits you. If you live alone you will spend each night in the chemise. If you have a girlfriend or are married you will show her the chemise and say you want to be kinky and wear it. Then spend the night in panties and the chemise with breast forms. You must convince your girlfriend it turns you on when wearing the chemise and other girl clothes and will do so every night. 


  1. Kay, I want a nice pussy. You promised me you would transform my dick into one and nice boobs and long hair with a sexy body! what is taking so long? Zoe

  2. When is the next instalment coming? When do we start wearing skirts and dresses only?