Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Sister's Touch

What boy can resist his sister when she wants to manipulate. Sara knew my buttons and pushed them at will. She knew I stole a pair of her panties and wore them; she was using it to make me twist in the wind. She had me and she knew it; I knew it, too.

She smiled at me as she pointed and curled her index finger indicating for me to follow her. She directed me to her bedroom. In her room she had an empty package on the bed from TG Incorporated, a magic panty wrapper. She took her clothes off slow, teasing me each step of the way. She stopped when she was left with only the panty on.

Without a word she undressed me. My body shivered with lust, forbidden lust. Sara took all my clothes off. I stood next to the bed naked. She hooked her left thumb in the panty and pulled it gently from her skin and then down her legs. Her golden haired public mount looked so warm, soft and smooth.

She held the panty in front of my face as she picked up the wrapper from the bed. It then dawned on me she was wearing the magic panty. She held it to my nose. I wanted to pull back but the sweet smell of Sara was too much to resist. She knelt and kissed my throbbing organ and then placed my left foot, then the right in the panty and pulled then up. Sara stood erect in front of me. Waiting.

Magic panties work fast nowadays. I looked in the mirror and was excited by how hot I was. Sara slipped the panty down just enough to take a taste, one long lick from back to front. I almost passed out from the sensation. Sara whispered in my ear my new name: Dawn. Dawn, what a pretty name. Sara helped me into a costume. The role play fantasy would end soon enough. Then I would start living my life as a girl. I think I’ll live each minute as it comes.

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  1. Nice job. Wonder if you have an evanglion plugsuit?