Friday, September 23, 2016

Try It On

Try it on, they said. So Sam did. It was always a dream for Sam to see what he would look like in a complete female makeover. He had no idea how they would make such a slim dress look right on him. Sam did not care if they could pull it off.

Every boy wonders what it would be like if he were born a girl. Few get the chance to glimpse what it would be like. Sam is one of those lucky guys. He stumbled into The Changing Room and was made an offer he could not refuse. For a guy who never asks for directions it was sure an opportune time to ask.

The girl at the counter smiled and offered to make Sam pretty. He forgot what he came into the store for. Before long he was in the changing room slipping into the perfect dress. When he stepped out the girl shook her head and sat Sam in a chair. She added makeup and adjusted the dress. She then pushed Sam back into the changing room and flipped the switch.

Sam stepped out as Joanne. She twirled in the dress and danced around the store. Then she stopped for a photo for the archive. Joanne was so thankful for the chance at being a woman. Her whole life was before her.


  1. and she looks so beautiful in the skirt....she was meant to be a girl! zoe

  2. Lovely story and very attractive image!