Tuesday, September 6, 2016

And the Lucky Winner is...

“Oh My God, this feels so good,” Linus said as the nanobots started working. He leaned back and let the microscopically sized machines rewrite every cell in his body. Over the course of an hour he felt his hips widen, his skin soften, his chest grow and his manhood shrink and reform. Linus knew how lucky he was. The cost of a nonobot hot tub bath was more expensive than all but a few could afford.

But Linus was always lucky. He knew it the minute he thumbed through his junk mail. There it was the bonus reward credit card. Usually he tossed these things in the round filing cabinet unopened. But this one was different. A picture of a beautiful woman on the envelope with the words: YOU CAN BE HER. Linus knew what the bonus was immediately. The question was how much did he have to spend to earn the reward? Actually, it turned out to be a lottery of sorts. Each dollar spent was an entry. In three months a lucky winner would be chosen.

Linus examined the new identity card with his new name: Scarlet. He stepped into the hot tub and enjoyed the most relaxing hour of his life. A nice sip of champagne when the process was done and then a little more time soaking in the hot tub as a woman. How lucky can a guy get?

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