Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The Girl Who Plays Poker

Poker. A game Saxon is better at than just about anybody. For months now he has cleaned the house with his winnings at the poker table. He was on such a run he forgot the risks associated with losing while playing poker at a table sponsored by organized crime. The house always wins is more than a slogan when the mafia runs the joint.

Saxon knew how to read people. But he forgot about psychology when it came to himself. As the months rolled by and his bankroll grew larger, the boss took greater notice in Saxon. It was decided to bring Saxon’s run of good luck to an end. At first Saxon didn't notice the slow drain on his money. Before he knew it his whole bankroll was gone and he was signing a marker. And he lost that to.

Only after the boss called in the marker did Saxon realize how deep he was in. To save his own neck he would have to do whatever the boss asked for. The boss wanted his money. A couple of goons dragged Saxon to a back room with a nanobot bath. Saxon stepped in when ordered to do so. Later he stepped out as Matilda. The boss wanted his money and he knew exactly how Saxon could earn it back. A couple of years turning tricks should cover the marker and interest. Here Matilda poses for a photo before she goes to work for the boss.

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