Friday, September 16, 2016

The Girl Who Said No

Carl paid the ultimate price for vandalizing the wrong home, belonging to a crime lord. Caught in the act, Carl was forcibly changed into a girl using the latest TG Inc. technology of nanobots. Several large men held Carl down while two pretty girls crammed the nanobot capsule down his throat. Two hours later Mindy could wear perfect fitting panties.

The crime lord wasn’t done with Mindy. He was pissed Carl spray painted his mansion. Now Mindy would take a bit of spray painting down her throat. The men forced Mindy to her knees while the girls held her mouth open. When the first guy was gone making a deposit the girls demanded she open her mouth to prove she swallowed.

That was fourteen guys ago. It was a long night for Mindy. She learned her lesson to never damage someone else’s property. With nowhere to go, Mindy decided it was in her best interest to stay with the crime family and service the guys. It sure beat an uncertain life on the streets as a girl.

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