Monday, September 19, 2016

Leaving It All Behind

Carly left her past behind her. All the legal troubles and threats from the mob were over as she left TG Incorporated. She felt good inside knowing she did the right thing testifying against the powerful crime syndicate. She has a new life to start over again. Bill is gone now; only Carly is left.

It was strange stepping out of the nanobot hot tub with bouncing breasts and no junk between the legs. It was different wearing a bra and panties. The dress tickled her pantyhose covered legs. A cool breeze swirled under her dress. She promised herself she would not look back. It was too much. She glanced over her left shoulder with a wry smile knowing she will never see her boy parts again.

Carrying a purse is also different from a wallet in the back pocket. A girl has to carry a few more things than guys. To help her adjust to her new life the government provided a female trainer to live with her. Little did Carly know it was a rogue agent working for the crime syndicate. Carly was afraid she might be a lesbian as a girl. Instead, she was groomed to work for the syndicate earning back the money she cost them.

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