Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Quiet Pool Time

Mystery Island is different for all who grace her shores. For many it is the perfect vacation get-away. Your thoughts determine what happens to you on Mystery Island. Some say the island reads your mind and grants your wishes, others say a mystical power intersects with the Earth to harness the power of the mind. For Arthur none of this mattered. He does not believe in such superstition. Arthur was vacationing on Mystery Island with his wife, Elise, for much needed rest.

Arthur saw a pool marked “Off Limits”. The pool promised a quiet place to enjoy the water. No obnoxious people to irritate him. The water was bath tub warm. Soon Arthur relaxed his body as he floated on his back. He managed to dose for a few minutes before he had to adjust himself in the water to prevent sinking. When he did he felt different. Then he looked down and knew why.

“What are you doing?” a man yelled as he ran toward the pool. “Didn't you see the sign,” he said pointing to it. Arthur played dumb. “This pool is filled with nanobots, you idiot. I hope you like how you look now because you will spend the rest of your life like that.” A crowd gathered to see the commotion. Elise was looking for Arthur and when she heard the conversation. She looked at the woman in the pool. “Arthur?” Arthur looked down. The man from the resort shook his head and said, “Come with me, sir. This happens a lot on Mystery Island, just not this way. We’ll get you your new ID.” When Arthur was handed his new identity papers he learned his new name is Ruth. “Nice name,” he said softly. Elise said, “I guess I can live with you this way,” as she wrapped her arms around his neck.

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  1. Kay, you are always writing about this wonderful island getaway but you fail to book me a ticket so I can also go and escape stress and maybe, just maybe......Zoe