Sunday, September 11, 2016

Any Time, Any Place

TG Incorporated finally made another breakthrough in helping men become who they were meant to be. For the first time ever men can live not only as a reconstructed woman, but as a real woman! The magic created by the TG Inc. scientists is none other than time teleportation.

For a fee of course, TG Inc. can transport you into the body of any women at any time in history. You can be Cleopatra, Mother Theresa (Yuk!), or someone living right now in your home town. Fred had his eye on Sylvia for some time now, but she never gave him the time of day. Too bad for Sylvia, Fred is loaded.

 Fred emptied his trust fund into a new account he could use after the body transfer into Sylvia with just enough kept to the side to pay TG Inc their fee. The process is a one-way trip, so he better be happy with his new life and money should solve that.

Now Fred is living in Sylvia’s body and poor Sylvia is in Fred’s body. She wants to speak with Sylvia, but Fred refuses to give her the time of day. One day Fred’s body bumped into Sylvia at the supermarket. That is when Sylvia got the good news; she is pregnant and hasn’t a clue who the father is.

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