Saturday, September 3, 2016

Crime Wave

Magic panties started a crime wave no one predicted or thought possible. Gangs of men roved the streets looking for victims. The gangs bought magic panties programmed to the kind of girl they liked. They found an unwitting sap, dragged him into a dark alley, stripped him naked and pulled the magic panties on him.

Magic panties don’t come off until they finish the job they were programmed to do. The victim writhes and twists on the ground for ten minutes struggling to save his identity. All that remains is a half naked woman shivering on the ground. Now the panties can come off. The gang goes back to work pulling off the one piece of clothing the victim has on. Having created the woman of their dreams they proceed to…. Well, I think you know where this all ends.

Carter had the unfortunate accident of meeting one the aforementioned gangs. As stated above, you know what happens. After the trauma Carter changed his name to May. We shared a picture of May here. She looks very happy, don’t you think? I think you will agree with me; she is less a victim than one lucky woman.

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