Saturday, September 17, 2016

Girl Parts

The latest novelty from the TG Inc. labs is a chamber similar to a swapping chamber, only there is no swapping, you are transformed. It is a novelty because it also contains a bit of chance. The chamber has revolving settings where you never know what will happen in the chamber: you could be a woman for a week, a month, a year, or forever. Or you might walk out the same way you walked in.

Erik and his college buddies were in the basement lab at school Friday night when the drink was flowing freely. They started daring each other to take a chance in the chamber. Finally it was decided three guys would take their chances with the machine, the three guys chosen by drawing straws.

As luck would have it Erik pulled the third shortest straw, making the cut. The first two boys stepped into the chamber and pulled the lever to no affect. Erik was too drunk to realize it wasn’t a joke. He stepped in and pulled the lever. The chamber hummed to life. When it was done Natalie stepped out. She was upset at first until she noticed all the attention guys gave her. Now she has a different date each week. The best part is the chamber set at permanent. Natalie will have girl parts forever.

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