Saturday, September 24, 2016

Surprise! You're a Girl

Comic-Con is the perfect place for a guy to live out his fantasies. Wyatt planned it all perfectly. He bought a plugsuit and went all-out dressing up, makeup and all. He looked like the perfect girl. The weeklong conference offered ample time for Wyatt to immerse himself into the life of a girl.

News got out on day four that some guys were doing exactly what Wyatt was doing. Security guards went crazy tearing clothes off women to find the men hiding in uniform. Wyatt avoided the guards as best he could.

Finally, Wyatt was caught in a corner. A burly guard grabbed the front of his plugsuit and ripped the front off, exposing his bra. Except the guards looked confused. They were sure Wyatt was a guy. As the guards left, Wyatt looked down and saw the reason for the confusion. It was then he realized what happened. He bought the suit from TG Incorporated. No need to say more.

Wyatt sat down to drink it all in. A passing fan asked to take a picture. Wyatt agreed. When the young girl asked Wyatt for his name he said, “Samantha. My name is Samantha.”

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