Sunday, February 14, 2016


The crime family had everything under control until the prosecutor played dirty. The cops were dumb enough to accept bribes and smart enough to look the other way once they got said bribe. The prosecutor refused to look the other way. Oh, he took the bribe. Then he sent seven of the crime family’s best assets to the gas chamber.

Sonny viewed himself as a champion of the people while secretly taking cash under the table. He justified it all in his mind, but he was just as big a crook as the crime lords and police accepting payola. Unfortunately, if you accept the payoff you better deliver the goods. Sonny was so cocky he thought he could spit in the face of the country’s biggest crime family.

Bodyguards followed Sonny wherever he went. An ambush at his home killed all but one of the bodyguards. The remaining bodyguard was too injured to be of any good. Sonny swallowed hard as seven guns were pointed at him. It would not be the last time he swallowed hard.

The henchmen carted Sonny to an undisclosed location. They roughed Sonny up, ripped off his clothes and pushed him into a hot tub of nanobots. The jets of hot water laced with nanobots went to work fast. Sonny flailed as he struggled to keep his head above water. When the jets stopped churning, Sonny was gone, replaced by Cheryl.

The crime family had more plans than just a nanobot bath for Cheryl. They wanted their money back. All of it. Including the payoffs paid to the police. Cheryl stood with her back to the lathing in a pretty panty/bra set. She did not understand for a fraction of a moment. Then the realization hit. Once again, Cheryl was wallowing hard.

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