Sunday, February 28, 2016

NeoRock Can Handle the Allison Job

The world is a changing place and Neo could not wait for the technology to reach his sleepy little town. He lurked around all the TG blogs reading stories of men living their fondest dreams. The blogosphere knew him as NeoRock; the insiders knew him as a gentleman waiting for the magical day when TG Incorporated would open a branch office in his town.

Neo loved women in high heel boots, the one that go all the way up. Who could blame him? The women were awesome. Then the news hit, TG Inc. was building an office at the outskirts of town. Neo was elated until depression set in. TG Inc. is not a low cost medical facility. There was only one hope. TG Inc. has a contest every time they open an office. The winner is given a contract to promote the company and, of course, a full transformation into a hot woman.

Neo poured his heart out in the essay to accompany his entry form into the contest. He listed all the comments he made on all the TG blogs. He was anxious until he heard his name called. When TG Inc. finished his makeover into Allison he started training for her job as spokeswoman. Allison’s signature trademark was the boots all the way up the leg. Allison was so dedicated and enthusiastic about her job she became the number one promoter of the company. Like I said, she is an awesome woman.

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