Monday, February 22, 2016

Born That Way

Once TG Incorporated started transforming men into women the balance of power changed. Rights men tilted to their favor since the beginning of time were now firmly to the advantage of women. Parents no longer want boys as children due to the economic disadvantages.

Planning for a child is a difficult decision. Parents are always anxious until the doctor determines the child’s gender. Take Alice here. Her mother found out she was conceived male. Still inside the womb his mother was administered TG dust. The generic material of the fetus was completely transformed. Alice was born a girl, but a small fifteen percent of her genetic material still has male markers.

It would have been a disaster if Alice were allowed to continue growing as a boy. The hardships to the family would have been massive. Alice knows the truth about herself and considers herself lucky she lives in an age and time when a significant wrong can be righted. It feels so right being a girl.

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