Sunday, February 7, 2016

Personal Development

‘I promise when you get out of the hot tub this will fit.’

Chad tried on the bikini for his wife, Tracy. It didn’t fit. The bra was empty and his junk did not tuck into the bottom. Tracy discovered she preferred girls and promised Chad they could still be a couple. Tracy bought nanobots. Chad stripped naked and sank into the warm water of their hot tub. Tracy turned on the jets and slowly poured in the package of nanobots. The water foamed and bubbled. Chad tingled all over. Once the nanobots approached the finish line Tracy pushed Chad’s head under the water for twenty seconds. When he came back up he had a full head of beautiful hair. Chad stepped out and dried off. The bikini fit perfect.

Chad’s name was changed to Monica. Tracy and Monica had a torrid love affair in the new phase of their marriage. After two years the edge began wearing off. Monica discovered she really felt like a girl and started wanting a man in her life. An affair with Rex at work forced Tracy to file for divorce. The girls stayed friends; the marriage just was not meant to be.

Tracy also discovered her lust for women was a passing phase. She started dating guys again. It was hard dating again. Monica and Rex married. Tracy was the maid of honor. At the wedding she met Rex’s brother, Tim. Their wedding is May 12th.

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  1. Hi Kay please do a caption where a boy has 3 sisters who give him a pink makeover, not involving TG inc