Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Reality Sets in for Conrad

The reality of life as a girl was starting to set in for Conrad. A complete transformation meant he was a fully functioning girl now. The first month as Zelda took a lot of training. Walking in heels was hard, learning to dress right a challenge and applying makeup was still a work in progress. As the first month progressed Zelda forgot about the one thing that makes a woman a woman.

The cramps should have been a dead giveaway. The bloating and uncomfortable stomach was getting worse. She was worried it could be something serious. A quick visit to the doctor revealed the truth; she was about to have her first period.

Zelda knew she would have to start taking the pill since she already had a boyfriend. She stocked up on feminine products and Motrin. It was all over in a few days. Then the reality of life as a woman set in; she would do it all over again in three weeks.

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