Thursday, February 4, 2016

Summer Camp

Summer camp is a wonderful time of life for young people. Steve was so happy when his parents signed him up. All his friends were going and there were many things to explore, like the abandoned rail station and rail cars.

I will not bore you with all the details. The boys had loads of fun during the structured time, but the free time was the absolute best. Steve and his buddies loved exploring. The boys were warned to stay away from the old rail cars and track. The site of the camp was built next to a TG Incorporated industrial accident from many years ago. Once it was declared safe the camp bought land adjacent to the rail area.

Boys are always warned, but rarely heed the warning. Steve and company are no different. An afternoon exploring and playing around the tracks and dilapidated rail cars caused some changes. At first the boys thought it was cool. Then they saw an old worm WARNING sign saying to KEEP CLEAR as nanobots were released into the environment here. The boys, now girls, knew nanobots were a one-way ticket.

The councilors worried about the boys being gone so long. They caught up with the girls as they sat on the track. The camp councilors knew what happened. Steve demanded they address him as Delilah. The other boys also had girl names picked out. The camp councilors knew the girls would be a problem in the all-boy summer camp. Our seven changelings would make sure of it.

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