Thursday, February 25, 2016

Ariel Can Be the Wife

Alex had a hard time taking it all in as he left TG Inc. headquarters. The transformation was nothing short of awesome and the training did all it promised. Now Alex is walking in public as Ariel for the first time. Feeling the cool air under her dress is more a thrill when the world is watching.

She sits on the concrete steps halfway down the stairs and takes in all the sights and sounds new to her. The cool cement tickles her privates as the pantyhose create a cooling sensation.  People are noticing the woman sitting on the steps. A man is watching her and then starts toward Ariel.

Her stomach flutters as she realizes a man wants her. For the first time Ariel knew it was all worth it. When his wife died all he wanted to do was die. He could not continue living as a man. TG Inc. transformed him into his beautiful wife. No wonder men noticed. She was lucky to have such a wonderful life. Cancer ended the love too soon. Now Ariel may be the perfect wife to a wonderful man.

1 comment:

  1. Great job kay. Loved it
    Hope I can visit TG Inc soon.