Thursday, February 18, 2016

Work Out

Most Earth cultures celebrate multiple holidays around their harvest festivals. Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas and New Year’s are good examples. On Terabit 11 they celebrate Swap Day by having the men experience the struggles women deal with every day. The day is celebrated as a harvest day festival.

Kevin wanted to feel the cultural experience of another world ever since aliens introduced themselves and Earth joined the Community of Worlds. Experiencing life from a woman’s perspective also appealed to Kevin.

The switch went faster than Kevin imagined. Once he was in the woman’s body was he told he would spend a year as a woman. He decided Kevin is a bad name for a woman so he took the name Jennifer. 

The work was harder than Jennifer thought it would be. Not only is the work a woman does hard, but her body isn’t built like a man’s. Kevin was no wimp; Jennifer needed to start working out between work duties to build strength and stamina. It worked. Jennifer is tougher than ever. By looking at her I would say she could kick the shit out of any man.

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