Saturday, February 6, 2016

Xperience Fitness

A sedentary job followed by lying on the couch all night working the remote led to medical problems Mike could no longer ignore. The doctor made it clear, start exercising or prepare for a funeral. The doctor put the fear of god in him. He joined the gym and hired a personal trainer.

Mike was so concerned he joined the first gym he saw. Once a member he noticed the whole place was filled with women. He asked his personal trainer why the men’s locker room is empty and he is the only guy in the place. It was his first day and the blond trainer laughed it off. She told Mike he would fit in soon enough.

Mike was confused until he looked down. He finally understood why the gym was filed with women. The trainer asked, “See you next week, Kate?” Mike realized he was Kate. “Ah, yeah.” Mike had a strange look on his face. The trainer ended Kate’s confusion. “You want to know how it happened.” Kate nodded. “The haze,” the trainer said waving her hand in the air. “The haze is TG dust. You joined a TG gym, my good friend. And lucky for me I was the one who enjoyed watching your transformation.”

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