Friday, December 26, 2014

Thank You, Honey

It was the day after Christmas. The gifts were all given and family time ended. Finally, after the stress and rush of the holiday, it was time to sit back and relax. Martin looked over the gifts his family gave him.  Most surprising was a gift card received from his ex-wife. He held the edges of the card with his thumb and index finger turning it slowly to read the inscription in the glare.


Martin knew what it meant; what his ex-wife was insinuating.  Becky left him because she discovered she preferred women over men. How could Martin compete with that? And now this gift card. Martin loved Becky so much he was willing to give it a try. He called the number on the card to be put on a waiting list for someone to switch with. To his surprise Becky already had someone on the list for him. He set an appointment for that afternoon.

The woman he was switching with is beautiful. The procedure was fast and painless. He stepped into a booth and a few minutes later stepped out in his new body. After the obligatory review of his new body and parts he headed for home, grabbed another gift card for the mall, and bought the outfit you see here on the after Christmas clearance rack.

Martin knocked softly on Becky’s apartment door. His nerves were in tatters. What if he read Becky’s intentions wrong? The door opened. Tears formed in the corners of Becky’s eyes. She hugged Martin. “You came back, Tammy.” Martin sniffled too. It felt good to know Becky still wanted him; it was good to know what his name is now that he is a woman.

Becky invited Tammy in. They talked for hours. They spent the night together. It was better than ever. Martin sold his home and moved in with Becky. Becky and Tammy lived a long, happy life together. And Martin? Tammy forgot who Martin ever was in no time at all.

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