Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Sister's Revenge

“I warned you, Ben,” Scott’s sister yelled. “You knew the consequences of wearing my clothes again. You didn’t think I’d catch you, did you? Well, I didn’t have to. I reprogrammed your body suit to make the changes permanent.”

“Tonya, please,” Ben whispered. “It’s my fantasy; I don’t want it to be permanent.”

“You should have thought of that once I warned you about wearing my panties. Now you can buy your own.”

After a moment of silence that felt like forever to Ben, he said, “It isn’t really permanent, is it?” His voice was so quiet Tonya had to lean in to hear him.

“Fraid so, brother. You are a girl top to bottom forever. We need to get you a whole new wardrobe,” Tonya laughed. “Besides, you look great.”

“But people will talk,” Ben pleaded.

“Nah! You’ll just be the new girl in town. So, what should we call you,” Tonya placed her hand on her chin and looked up towards the right. “I got it! You look like a Marie.”

Ben thought for a moment and nodded. He liked the name.

Tonya extended her hand to Marie and said,” Now, come out of that corner. I’ll borrow you a dress so we can go shopping. You’re going to love shopping for dresses and lingerie.”


  1. Hi, Kay! I just got here from Samantha deSavory's site, having read a comment you left there. This cap of yours is good. I like how you have Ben's angst transform into Marie's happiness

  2. Kay.....
    I don't have a sister but pretend that I have been wearing your lingerie when you are not around......Reprogram my body!!!!!! Zoe