Wednesday, December 3, 2014

What Frankie Does For the Job

Request by: Anon

Bugsy Malone was the untouchable mob boss until Gracie, his mistress, contacted Frankie to build a case against the crime family.  Gracie provided valuable information to bring charges against Bugsy and his gang, but Frankie needed hard evidence.

Frankie proposed a swap with Gracie for a few days while he went undercover to get the proof he needed to bring this case to a head. Gracie agreed. Frankie took full advantage of Gracie’s body. He checked out his new body in the mirror, drinking in the milky white skin and every curve on his chest and ass.

It took two weeks for Frankie to get what he needed. When it was time to turn back, Gracie smiled at him and said, “I’m keeping your body. You can have mine.”

“I don’t think so honey,” Frankie said grabbing Gracie’s arm forgetting he had the female body now and she has his well-toned male body. He released the grip when he saw the look on Gracie’s face.

Gracie leaned in close. “I’ll tell Bugsy what you did. You and your family’ll be dead before this gets to trial.” “You bitch,” was all Frankie could think to say. “We go our own ways and I’ll keep quiet,” Gracie said. “You need to get back to Bugsy, honey,” Gracie continued. “He doesn’t like to be kept waiting.” 

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