Sunday, December 14, 2014

Good Credit

Credit card rewards programs have come a long way. Greg loved shopping for the best credit cards. He would sign up for a new card, meet the minimum requirements to get the bonus, cancel the card, and then start all over again. One day Greg found a credit card reward bonus he couldn’t refuse. Normally he wanted cash rewards, but this card offered something better: a new body.

Greg signed up immediately and mapped out his spending to reach the required spending to get the bonus. He figured it would take no more than six months if he planned every detail correctly. It took Greg less than six months. He was so excited about the bonus he reached it in 3 ½ months.

Greg cashed in his rewards points for his dream body. The switching took place at a local branch of the bank. It felt so good leaving the house as Greg and returning home as Stacy. He felt so pretty, so alive. He used the remaining rewards points to furnish his closet with dresses, lingerie, bras, panties, and other girly things. He is so proud he had good credit.

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