Friday, December 5, 2014

Beauty Sleep

Once 3 D printers could restructure the human body the technology really took off. Everybody had to have one. Of course only a few could afford one so businesses stepped in with the heavy investment and made cosmetic surgery affordable for most. But every technology has unintended consequences.

Wilfred discovered one of these flaws too late. Using a modest inheritance, he went to TG ‘r Us for a change into the girl of his dreams. He signed all the waivers and chose the Belinda model. The procedure was simple. After payment is made you visit the store for a night, lay on the 3D printer platform and enjoy a refreshing night of sleep. When you wake in the morning you are a new person.

It worked perfectly for Wilfred; he loved his Belinda body. The store technician said to Wilfred as he left, “Remember, you can come back at any time and get your old body back. We store your old body’s template in our system with complete backup so you have no worries about losing your old body forever and ending up stuck in the body you now have.”

Wilfred made the most of his life as Belinda. He got hired as a model and started building the life of his dreams. But things went backwards fast. The Belinda model template is a real person that makes a living selling her template and she doesn’t want people using her design/body in any way that would hurt sales of her image. “It’s in the contract,” Wilfred was told.

Out of options and running short on cash, the novelty of living as a woman wore off for Wilfred. He went back to TG ‘r Us to get his own body back and return to his old life. Unfortunately, when Wilfred asked for his body back there was a problem. It seems the storage and backup system were hacked and corrupted. Wilfred’s original body was destroyed; he would have to live as Belinda forever. Fortunately, the legal settlement was enough to buy out the Belinda model for his own use in any way he wanted. So he went back into modeling and enjoyed a long successful career.

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