Saturday, December 6, 2014

A Ride Around Town

3D printers created recreational body swapping. The reasons for using a 3D printer on the human body are myriad. Health reasons topped the list in early use; replacements body parts (heart, kidney) were early uses of 3D printers. Before long corporations built large 3D printers for the whole human body. Creating a whole new human from scratch made no sense, but many people were excited to make major changes to their own body as witnessed by the plastic surgery industry of the past. And 3D printers used the material at hand to build a better you.

Pleasure changes became all the rage. Short people could live life taller until they wanted their old body back; everyone wanted a more toned, muscular body and the 3D printer was just the answer. People gave up their vacation for a 3D body swap.

Here we see Bernard riding around town with wind blowing up his skirt. He tells people he is Cindy and nobody knows the difference. They think Cindy is a tourist passing through and they are right. But with such a revolutionary technology as 3D printers there are unforeseen consequences. Organized crime found 3D printers a powerful tool to commit terrible crimes against humanity. Even wars are fought differently. In the days ahead we will explore the devastating, less exciting changes 3D printers have brought our society. And as for Cindy, she couldn’t be happier. She kept the new body.

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