Sunday, December 21, 2014

Family Affairs

Charles enjoyed wearing women’s clothes from an early age. After he got married he had to find time when no one would be around so he could try out a dress or three from his wife’s wardrobe.  Of course, his wife knew what Charles was doing. She didn’t want to embarrass him so she made sure she never walked in on Charles when he was parading around the house in stilettos and a mini skirt.

One day Charles noticed an ad for a TG dating site on the kitchen table. He loved the idea but wanted to be faithful to his wife. Later that day Charles’s wife pointed out the ad on the table and started talking with her husband about his secret. The conversation went wonderful.

After some research, it seems the TG dating site also allowed married couples. The site has a program where husbands can date their wife as a woman. Charles was so excited he couldn’t contain himself.

The program had several levels. On the first level Charles had a complete makeover. Unless you stripped him down to nothing he looked like a woman. Charles loved his new look and took his wife out on the town. The next level allowed for a complete physical transformation. Charles opted for the one week package. Charles was transformed into a woman with the help of some hormones and nanobots. Charles and his wife had the best week ever, even in bed.

After the week was up Charles’s wife confesses her own secret: she likes women. Charles’s eyes widened with excitement. “Let’s make the change permanent,” his wife said. All Charles could do was nod. “Now we need a name for you,” his wife said. “I like Lindsay.” Lindsay hugged his wife.

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  1. Another imaginative and sexy one, Kay!