Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A Proud Woman

Nobody knew the real identity of Tracy when she walked towards the dinner party at the far side of the pool. It felt so good walking into a crowd of people she knew in a tight dress. Her old life as Larry was gone forever.

In high society people are always friendly at parties. Everyone assumes someone else invited people they are not familiar with. Tracy played the game well. She led people she talked with into believing she was invited when it was really her parent’s home. Even Tracy’s parents were unaware of who she was. They thought it was the people who moved in down the street last month.

Tracy started dropping hints as late afternoon bled into evening. Every guest knew Larry and his desire for a sex change, but in a social setting crowd mentality took over. Nobody had a clue who he was. Tracy enjoyed the game. Finally, late into the evening, she stepped on a chair and got everyone’s attention. The crowd was silent when he said he was Larry and went to the swapping factory. Once the initial silence was broken Tracy was congratulated by all. Even her mother gave her a hug. Dad settled for a handshake, son or daughter.

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