Sunday, December 7, 2014

Fantasy Vacation

Vacation is about trying new things. Ever since 3D printers could modify a human body into any form wanted Mort has fantasized about being a woman. His wife was intrigued by the idea of seeing her husband in a dress and high heels. 

Vacation plans were made and money saved. Mort set an appointment with the 3D printing store. His wife came along to watch her husband transform before her eyes. The procedure went perfect and the results were, shall we say, stunning. Mort took the name Tori.

Mort and his wife had the best vacation ever. Here we see Mort posing while on vacation. Very pretty. His wife is even jealous. But not too jealous. When they returned from their dream vacation, Mort’s wife discovered she preferred Mort as a woman. Mort had to confess he liked being a girl more than his old body. Mort and his wife smiled as they tore the return card in half. There was no going back to the 3D printer store; the changes were permanent. 

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