Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Best Bachelor Party Ever

Request by: Anon

It was the best bachelor party ever until the event. Millard loved the beer and the stripper. She was the hottest thing going, well, er, other than his fiancée. The guys went all-out. The night started with great finger food, terrible dirty jokes and lotsa beers. After a beer or eight, things got crazy. A massive cake was rolled in. Our lovely stripper popped out the top, set up her stage (a pole) and started dancing for the boys. A thunderstorm in the background added to the atmosphere.

A lap dance was reserved for Millard. The gyrating round stripper’s buttocks over Millard’s manhood was more than he could take. A crack of thunder made Millard jump causing his stiff groin to hit the stripper’s ass hard. Millard’s face reddened. The storm came closer and thunder cracked louder. The stripper kept grinding the lap dance.

Another crack of thunder sounded like lightning hit the building. Millard jumped so hard he nearly stood. His stiff manhood ejaculated as he jumped and put his arms around the stripper’s waist to steady himself and protect the stripper from falling. That is when he noticed hands were around his waist. He turned his head to see his face; he looked down to see the stripper’s body. Millard’s body leaned forward and said, “I’m going to love your wife real good for you.” “Wha…” was all Millard could say. “Your name is Tracy,” Millard’s body said. “The best part: You can’t tell anyone. The witch said the switch would allow us to know each other’s life so we would fit in perfectly and we could only talk about the change to each other. Our voices die if we try to tell anyone the real story.”

Millard couldn’t believe how well be performed as a stripper the rest of the night. He even had to live through watching his body do him in front of all his buddies. The worst part was watching his wife have a great life with the stripper in his male body while he struggled collecting dollar bills and turning tricks as he stripped every night of the week. 

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