Thursday, December 4, 2014

Replacement Parts

3D printing technology changed the world in ways never imagined. As the printers advanced, simple plastic parts were produced, then replacement parts for industrial products, and eventually body parts. People no longer died waiting for a kidney or even a heart. Rejection disappeared as parts were made specifically for each individual, right down to the DNA.

It was only a matter of time before 3D printers could modify and reassemble tissue. Before long a new, unintended use, emerged. People began stepping into the printers and coming out a totally new person. A new industry was born when people downloaded their template for others to use. College girls were in high demand and the royalties sent a lot of young women to college for free.

Men always wanted to experience the other side. Mason decided the thrill of changing into a woman was more important than a college degree. Real girls went to college while boys spent their money to be girls became a common refrain. But who can blame Mason for trying on the new Zoe body considering what he now looks like. He’ll make up his cost in a night or two in free drinks at the bar and selling a few personal services. As soon as he puts enough money together he’ll change back to his old self. Shouldn’t take longer than two or three years.

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