Monday, October 24, 2016

Home at Last

What is the one thing the super rich don’t have? An obedient woman. Natural women want to blaze their own trail and make their own rules. Men want a woman who does what she is told, especially in bed. Therein lays the problem.

Billionaires have discovered a way around the problem. TG Inc. is very expensive. Billionaires offer to pay the fee for a period in indentured servitude. Women hate the idea with a passion, but men born in the wrong body see it as a way to freedom.

Meet Dave. She is Carly now and serves her rich boss, industrialist Bernard Armstrong. Carly does things no self respecting woman would ever consider. Armstrong keeps Carly dressed as a tease and has his way with her often. This is no problem for Carly. She likes being put in her place and treated like an object; it’s all part of the girl training process to her. And look at the quality of clothes she wears and the home she lives in. Do you really think when the time comes where Carly can leave, she will? Exactly.

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