Saturday, October 1, 2016

The Secret is Out

Secret societies have existed for thousands of years. Many are groups of guys looking to have some fun or share ideas or build friendships. Some are just plain dumb while others are bizarre. The secret society I introduce you to today falls into the bizarre category. It is a new secret society, too, brought on by modern technology.

The name is forbidden by anyone in the know to speak its name with anyone other than members. But I can tell you what they do. This men’s club allows men to explore their sexuality in a way never possible before. Let me be absolutely clear; this is not a gay club. Rather, the men use modern medical technology to make themselves look as feminine as possible.

A meeting looks like a women’s event, the men are so perfectly coiffed. It really is a pleasant evening of sharing ideas, talking politics and exploring how far each man is willing to go in their transformation. Each member gently prods other members to make the final leap to full woman.

Walter is getting close to making the leap to full woman. The encouragement is all he needed to decide he wants to be a real woman. The club pays for the medical treatment making it a no-brainer for someone like Walter. It is not just pretending to be a woman that excites him; he wants to be a woman all the time.

Walter is known as Mary at the meetings. His makeup is so good you would have to strip him naked to know he is a man. But no more. With the support of all the members, Walter will disappear forever and Mary will take his place.

TG Incorporated did the medical work. They did a fantastic job, don’t you think (see photo of Mary). Mary does not regret chopping Walter out of her life. Yes, the secret society is a men’s club. There is one exception: any member who commits to full woman is granted a lifetime membership. The transformed members are such an inspiration to the rest of the secret society.

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