Thursday, October 27, 2016

Sassy Girl

A rare disease too hard for you or me to pronounce murdered Scott’s wife, Samantha. Distraught, Scott sunk into a deep depression. His ample investments from frugal living and an ample inheritance granted Scott the right to his psychosis.

A few days after Samantha’s death Scott could no longer bear the pain. He started wearing Samantha’s clothes to feel close to her again. As soon as he threw away all his boy clothes and started wearing panties and chemises he started to change physically. The changes were slow at first. Scott never saw the changes as they happened.

In a few months Scott had completely transformed into his wife. Samantha lived again and Scott could not be happier. In fact, he said good riddance to Scott. Samantha took on all the characteristics of the original Samantha. She was a sassy girl all men loved. And so was life for the new Samantha.

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