Tuesday, October 4, 2016

One Piece at a Time

It was over. Gerald knew the consequences of stepping outside during a girly light flare. The sun transformed into a periodic girly light after a strange comet from the depths of space fell into the sun. To protect the future of the human race, scientists issued warnings when the sun would flare with dangerous girly light.

The unique thing about the sun was the girly light had to make direct contact. A brief glance would only take you part way to womanhood. Gerald could care less. It was exciting knowing he would end up a woman if he played with fire long enough.

The girly light flare warning had Gerald outside in heels and a dress faster than a slit got wet at a Chippendale’s show. The first flare caught a piece of Gerald. His arms were soft and smooth. As he caressed his awesome skin another sliver of light gave him breasts to die for. “Don’t quit now,” Gerald thought. He was sliced and diced one piece at a time. One more part to go. Then it happened. The light hit Gerald just right and Patty took his place. Now it was time for some shade by the river; the sun is hot.

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